Augustine Tufted Sofa Review

The ideal time design for your living room or storage room. This Picasso-style sofa features a rolling arm and a classic diamond tear. Pair with a rich, handicraft-filled wooden furniture in elaborate or top-up, with thick pillows for au-courant distortion, this sofa is tied to any room. It can also be used in conjunction with other similar furniture items in the same collection to align identical and uniform themes.

Sofas come with standard features in most luxury furniture collections, and nowadays can be purchased at discounted rates. A wide range of souvenirs and color options are available, with lots of gifts from the same set makes this sofa a good home.

Inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood House of Wolverhampton, it makes it very luxurious and affordable. House of Hampton is a company with outstanding detail, shiny vintage and lush fabrics which bring memorable elegance to the home or living space. To ensure that the style and the fashion statement you want to do is just a few clicks. Read the information below, product prices, reviews, and summaries at the bottom.

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This is a linen leather sofa and a leather couch with five different colors. There is a standard design and a wood leg with dark brown, full foam and polyester, and the tightness of the sofa is medium. The seat cushion is not removable, but the seat cushions are with a solid printing capacity. Three-person seats cleaning options The different points for maintenance and padded covers are a versatile and flexible way to use in your home.

The sofa cushion cannot be reversed, but the legs are Cushions for high-end viewing The arms are rolled back in front of the cluster and a padded seat is a single cushion. Made in China from hardwood with a capacity of 650 lbs and must be assembled even if all sofas can be installed with the tools that come with delivery. No additional part is required.

Before making a purchase, check your sofa measurement in the size below with the size of the living space you plan to use. You should make sure the sofa fits the space you intend before making the purchase, and you may want to increase the size of a few inches to measure for safety.

  • The overall product dimensions are 29.13″ H X 91.25″ W X 37.75″ D
  • The seat measures 19.25″ H X 70” W X 23.25″ D
  • The arms are 27″ H X 10″ W
  • The legs measure 3″ H X 4″ W X 4″ D
  • The seat cushion measures 22″ W X 24″ D
  • The thickness of the seat cushion is 6.7″
  • The weight of the seat cushion is 5.2lbs
  • The back cushion is 9.88″ H
  • The clearance from the floor to the bottom of the sofa is 3″
  • The overall weight of the product is 146lbs
  • The foam density of this cushion is 2.8lbs

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