Felisa Upholstered Panel Bed Review

This comfortable bed from Mulhouse furniture creates an amazing backdrop for the bed and pillows with a head of high back and back. Made from the rear wings design with heavy air vents, this classy furniture will raise the bar and look for your room. This is a frequently purchased item with a single pair of chairs, chaise longue, body and of course, foam, spring or memory soft.

Mulhouse Furniture is in the business of bringing a wealth of new ideas for everybody. With inspiration from the idea of French designers, Sabran de Dauphinus, with a vision and each piece in their high-end collection, it’s like a long and more valuable art. The same style and tendency.

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This fancy is made with hardwood frames and plywood plates. Poplar Poplar used in construction, as well as hardwood and plywood. The exterior is made of hardwood, with a handmade leg used with the hand-made espresso to provide stability and shape. Polyurethane polyurethane and its side wings are not going all the way down to the floor. Can be used with adjustable base and can be used with memory foam mattresses. The width of this bed is measured from the widest point and the bed can be used with a fireproof base. The modular spring springs can be used as well as skirts, beds, and Pedic.

The back material is black thokrop is a combination sheet and is required, and a spring box is needed, but does not combine with the shipment. The bed and bed are also available for the center of the 6 legs. Bed head design included.

This item is required to assemble and be environmentally friendly and comes with a one-year warranty for production defects (but this warranty does not cover the product’s range). Additionally, this item is certified ISTA 3a and also has a general compliance certificate.

Before deciding to buy, check the measurement of the both platform bed given below to the size of the living space you plan to use this product. You should make sure the bed will fit in your intended space before you decide to buy it, and you may want to increase the size of a few inches in all measurements for safety.

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