Serta Upholstery Franklin Sofa Review

Franklin sofa and windshield especially, soft and elegant arms. Block foot and sharp refined details as the hardened hardwood frame produces sustainable quality. Available in various shades. Use it to transform your living room into a happy paradise. A collection of Franklin offers a familiar look, and this series offers a variety of easy-to-customize looks for your area.

Use this sofa in your living room or to provide spacious and comfortable seating for up to three people. The crosses match a single seat or chair for extra seat and preparations.

Inspired by the heartland of American Three Post, create a traditional home that never compromise with comfort. Their design is built with confidence that the quality, value and style is the heart of the key to providing the products to the furniture buyers, which are part of the family and their collections are based in warm colours and abundant materials.

Three proposals to consumers, a wide variety of fancy options, and the work of household furniture provide a contemporary design with comfortable and quality, with a choice of exquisite décor, accessible and inexpensive to everyone is an important service of the company.

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This is a sofa with cotton and polyester. Assembly is not required and comes with a standard design. The dye is dyed on the legs and legs are colored. Using the pressure at the couch is not spaced or typing, and the rear cushion has an aptitude above, it makes them slightly wider. There are no clamps in the rear seat or seat cushions.

Seat cushions for this sofa are seized by Velcro and the product itself is completely free from formaldehyde. It has hardwood frames and all frames are built in the house. Hardwood in every point, stress or load area of the frame is standard. The spring sofa is a tester for durability and sustainable support, and the spring with a wide-curve shape does not shrink 364 inches running from the front of the seat to the back enhances comfort and support. The strength frame of this item has a well-seated mounting point and the company will cut and upgrade the wood by hand to insure the quality for the foundation of furniture parts.

This is an eco-friendly sofa, all of the company is made up of eco-friendly polyol, which comes from soy and castor seeds that require fossil fuel sources. 60% less than petroleum-based polymers (every 11 pounds of silica from the plant) crude oil gallon reduces the impact of global warming. Up to 36%) the test results from every shipment every day is checked to maintain consistency.

The seat material of the sofa is foam with a tight body of the legs and the seat cushion can be removed. Non-negotiable pillows For care should use the drying solvent only. The seat has a capacity of 3 seats and this solid print is a versatile sofa, but there is no seat cushions or a reverse cushions. The legs are detachable, but include pillow-based cushions, this is ideal for residential and manufacturing in the United States and have a 750 lb capacity.

  • The back cushion has a thickness of 4.5″
  • The overall dimensions are 38″ H X 87″ W X 37″ D
  • The seat measures 20″ H X 21.5″ D
  • The legs are 3″ H
  • The back cushion measures 18″ H X 23″ W
  • The overall weight of the product is 135lbs
  • There are 1.5″ seams and components sewn together
  • There is a minimum of 5.5″ – 6″ seams per inch
  • The seat has a height of 20″
  • The solid back height minus the legs is 31″
  • Minimum doorway width is 37″

Select Cushion Cover

This sofa is available in 2 colors with polyester and polyester cushions.-Coffee, view, and version points, instead of the cost $2.86 more.

Viewpoint Coffee

Viewpoint Tan

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