Serta Upholstery Winchendon Sofa Review

The Winchendon sofa has a beautiful appearance, small, supple, sleek, slim and trendy. It can be used as a mid-seat list in your home and it goes together as well with Sikrop fan curtains, a background image, a rocking chair or a side coffee table, or even throwing pillows and mats inside, cut the carpet, and other similar decorative items. This is a sofa that can make your living space more lively and provide a new look in the living room, living room or family room.

The design of the Trent Austin has included rural details and inspiration from the industry with modern silhouette. They found beauty in the spread between wood, warmly decorated and worn metal. -The modern and trendy city offers a unique look. With different combinations in this collection, you can beautify your home with a modern, vibrant, floating-edge table. Work Side Desk Drawer chair Settees and other items to increase the level of excellence for your home.

Although this list is cheap compared to the choice, it’s worth the course. This sofa structure is made of solid wood frame, equipped with modern design, straight line and traditional silhouette. Read below for more information about pricing, planning, protection, comments, and final words, and our final conclusion about whether to go for this item.

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In a standard, polyester, poly-poly vinyl and polyurethane sofas are produced in a standardized form with a wide range of foam, wooden seat cushions and solid brown prints. Seats and secondary cushions cannot be removed and cannot be reversed. The seat cushion is back made of the secondary cushion behind the arms, not a rectangular shape and a pillow toss.

Made in the US for residential use. This item has a capacity of 700 lbs. and the product comes with a 12-month warranty.

  • Frames are built in-house with hardwood (70%) and plywood or OSB (20%)
  • Cut and grade lumber by hand to help insure quality of the foundation
  • Only use hardwood lumber, never plywood or OSB in stress points or load-bearing areas of the frames
  • Individual frame pieces are reinforced in the corners and stress points by glue, blocks and staples
  • Minimum 4.5” cushion thickness
  • The style of the couch that it comes in as in the photo
  • Accent stool included: No
  • Commercial use: No
  • Seam tufted: Yes
  • Attached back cushions

Select Cushion Cover

This sofa has a single color (brown) made of poly vinyl chloride, 70%. 20% Polyester and 10% polyurethane due to this sofa aims to keep your living space with a modern touch. The color option of the cushion is a clear option. However, you can create traditional settings all over the world and comfortably with the decorative pillows, not many colourful fabrics or a cut carpet.


This is a solid couch, although a small sofa is the ideal item for the studio apartment, the cushions are strong and provide support while also comfortable to assemble as well as the overall feet recommended.

It looks great, it has been well designed, it is lightweight enough to ensure a simple and sturdy delivery. Enough to make sure that many years of using comfort make this sofa from where you can expect as many as you use.

With this unique item from Trent Austin, you will get a fantastic investment in the list of comfortable, modern and cost-effective furniture. It makes a great purchase for the first sofa buyer, all young people looking for a little convenience or style and for those who want to really enjoy their sofa, instead of saving a few dollars, not worth a long term.

If you want a sofa that gives you the option of working in many areas and in different settings, with a variety of home themes and if you want to be able to supply your living space. Fast, with a piece of active furniture that looks at the high-end design, easy to install and assemble, and can be used for versatility and versatility, the ideal sofa to start. The average rating of 4.5 stars in level 5 of 800 reviews is proof of this truth.

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